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Bạn đang xem: Your house helper engsub (2018) korean drama



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Cleaning your house and heart.

"Your House Helper" is a slice-of-life drama that focuses on day-to-day issues faced by Koreans in their society, namely three women: Im domain authority Yeong (Bona), Yoon thanh lịch Ah (Go Won Hee), & Han So ngươi (Seo Eun Ah). As part of the main story topics such as women"s health, misogyny, overwork, rape, abuse, và gender roles are brought up và handled in a sensible manner though at times failing lớn push forward when the timing demanded so. The #metoo movement is hailed & discussed as an important movement for women, something unusual for a k-drama & a bold step khổng lồ make as women"s struggle in south Korea is heavily opposed by chauvinism and an excruciatingly patriarchal society.Since this is a story that puts emphasis on women, the three leading women take the centre stage with each character facing particular issues related to their personality, workplace, and personal struggles. Ha Suk Jin, Lee Ji Hoon, và Jo Hee Bong undoubtedly play story relevant characters, but they"re not steering the helm or the main driving force of why you should watch "Your House Helper."The cast was well selected -- the actors matched well the characters they were assigned, & I have lớn praise whomever cared for all the small details, especially in the fashion department: they all look great, but never overdressed. When it comes khổng lồ the acting itself the first episodes are rough on Bona - as she"s among the youngest in the cast - but she does improve with her character"s development & I digress with anyone who argues she was not a good choice khổng lồ play Im da Yeong -- she captured well the demeanour of a young woman dealing with hardship & not knowing what to vày next. Yoon sang trọng Ah"s character initially has more on screen chemistry with Ha Suk Jin"s, something which may cause some conflictive feelings as a viewer, but this quickly dissipates away as Lee Ji Hoon enters the scene & becomes more prominent. I am somewhat disappointed with the screen time Seo Eun Ah"s character had but I should praise that her issues were handled in a respectful manner, although again constrained by the conservative mainframe of Korean society. Overall the male leading characters did a good job, it"s good to see Ha Suk Jin play a more sensitive, less gruff heads on character -- really had lớn drag him out of the office khổng lồ become a house cleaner."Your House Helper" has an upbeat soundtrack with its trademark tune whenever some house cleaning kích hoạt begins while reserving more sombre tones when serious subjects or more dramatic moments are handled. There is nothing particularly outstanding about its music but it never feels repetitive & blends well with all scenes. Does this 32 episodes long drama have re-watch value? Each episode is roughly 29-30 minutes long & easy to lớn watch through. If you enjoy the overall story, you can expect yourself binge watching through several episodes và not noticing the time. The overall plot & side stories are always on the move, there is no mid story dragging/stalling, và since there are no particular villains you can expect a drama grounded in reality with a pinch of idyllic hope, sunshine, and a quirky golden retriever.

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