They’re not friends, but when their husbands leave them for each other, proper Grace & eccentric Frankie begin khổng lồ bond in this Emmy-nominated series.

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Lily Tomlin has earned four Emmy nominations và a Golden Globe nomination for her role in this comedy series.
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Frenemies Grace và Frankie learn lớn relate to lớn each other on a new level when their law partner husbands dump them for each other.

Grace & Frankie are stunned when their husbands inform them that they want divorces. They're even more stunned when they find out why.

The messy realities of divorce start lớn sink in for Grace, Frankie, Robert, Sol and their equally frazzled adult children.

Grace và Frankie decide lớn go back lớn work. Robert và Sol have an awkward dinner buổi tiệc nhỏ for their children.

Emotions run high when a funeral throws Grace, Frankie, Robert and Sol together in public for the first time since the split.

Grace has an eye-opening experience when she goes out for frozen yogurt with Frankie & Brianna on a Saturday night.

Sol takes care of Frankie after she has an earthquake freak-out, while Grace goes on her first date. Coyote pays Mallory a surprise visit.

Frankie, Grace & Brianna have unexpected encounters when they try new ways to giảm giá khuyến mãi with being single.

Frankie takes a new look at her Yam Man Jacob, while Grace và Guy get closer. Bud & Coyote have a brotherly talk. Sol is terrified of Brianna.

Brianna tries Frankie's homemade organic beauty product. Robert finds out about Guy and Grace. Frankie tries lớn set boundaries with Sol.

After they sign the divorce papers, Frankie, Grace, Sol, Robert & Bud remember a pivotal weekend from five years before.

Grace tells Frankie a secret that Frankie shares with Sol, setting off multiple arguments in both houses. Brianna gets closer with a co-worker.

Bud and Coyote ask Brianna & Mallory to help them throw Sol & Robert's bachelor party. Grace offers to bởi ANYTHING khổng lồ cheer up Frankie.

As the wedding day approaches, Grace và Robert have problems expressing themselves, while Sol and Frankie finally clear out their old house.

They've been through a lot together, & odd couple Grace and Frankie have bonded. But they still drive each other crazy on a regular basis.

Sol plans to tell Robert about his betrayal. Frankie is determined khổng lồ finally separate emotionally from Sol, but events pull her back in.

Brianna, Mallory và Bud help Sol khuyến mãi with wedding details. A visit lớn Robert và Sol's house brings up strong emotions for Grace & Frankie.

Brianna wants khổng lồ produce Frankie's organic yam lube. Grace competes for her grandchildren's affection. Frankie reconnects with her Yam Man, Jacob.

Frankie tracks down Grace's former love Phil on the internet, và the two mix off lớn find him. Tensions arise between Sol và Robert.

Frankie has difficulty passing the kiểm tra to renew her driver's license. Grace attempts to lớn amp up her social life by reconnecting with old friends.

While Grace mentors a young woman seeking a new career, Frankie has conflicted feelings for Jacob, who wants more than a business relationship.

Grace intervenes after Robert and Sol's big fight. Frankie opens up to lớn Jacob. An online friend request from Phil surprises Grace.

Frankie has issues with Brianna's ideas for her yam lube and makes a stand. Phil asks Grace out for lunch. Sol tries to lớn work things out with Robert.

Coyote shares some surprising news. Things go awry when Frankie and Sol host a family brunch. Grace must make a difficult decision about Phil.

Grace & Phil get closer, but complications arise. Sol và Robert square off on opposite sides of the conflict between Frankie và Brianna.

Grace & Frankie nurse their emotional wounds: Frankie performs a ritual on the beach, và Grace goes out drinking. Bud and Coyote meet Jacob.

As Frankie helps her old friend Babe plan a big bash, she's faced with a troubling decision. Grace tries to lớn make amends lớn Frankie.

Frankie and Grace receive surprise gifts from Babe that mở cửa new horizons for each of them. Sol reveals a long-held secret at Bud's birthday party.

As Grace and Frankie try to lớn get their new business off the ground, they continue to deal with family issues & rifts in their friendship.

Grace và Frankie try to lớn get a bank loan to help start their new business. Frankie's art show is rife with family tensions và minor dramas.

Grace and Frankie pitch their business plan at a hip startup incubator. Grace fights with Jacob. Sol và Robert play hooky from work.

Grace và Frankie put together a focus group to chạy thử their vibrator prototype, but things go awry. Robert and Sol audition for a play.

After they're robbed, Frankie is rattled, but Grace has a secret. With Robert in rehearsals & making new friends, Sol feels left out.

Furious about Grace's revelation, Frankie refuses to ảo diệu with her. In the wake of his fight with Sol, Robert decides to come out to his mother.

Frankie refuses lớn go home, & all the kids are dragged into Grace and Frankie's fight. Grace, Brianna & Mallory smoke Frankie's pot together.

The ladies hurt their backs và can’t get off the floor. Coyote looks for a new home. Robert frets over unresolved issues with his mom.

Grace và Frankie launch their business, and Bud brings gifts they're reluctant lớn accept. Sol is upset that Bud wants khổng lồ fire a longtime employee.

Jacob shares something with Frankie that upsets her. Everyone rallies around Robert when his mother dies. Mallory confides in Brianna.

Sol & Robert pitch in when Grace và Frankie are overwhelmed with orders. Bud is thrown for a loop by his girlfriend’s interest in the Ménage à Moi.

Grace & Frankie send a cease và desist letter to lớn the company that stole their idea. A homophobic church group protests Robert's play rehearsals.

Grace wants Frankie lớn go to lớn the hospital after a medical incident, but Frankie insists on alternative healing. The protests disrupt Robert's play.

Grace & Frankie face a lawsuit. Sol fights back against the homophobic play protesters. Frankie mulls over a move that would change everything.

As Grace & Frankie muddle through ups & downs with their business, lãng mạn relationships & families, they must face some realities of aging.

Frankie feels left out of Grace's friendship with Sheree, her new lodger. Sol and Robert are arrested. Bud và Allison throw a gender-reveal party.

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Frankie shares what she discovered about Sheree lớn a skeptical Grace. Bud sends everyone on a scavenger hunt. Frankie makes a big decision.

Grace và Frankie try lớn help Sheree get her house back ... Using both legal và illegal methods. Robert is nominated for a Tappy acting award.

Grace fears her relationship has reached its expiration date. Frankie faces an existential crisis when she learns she's been declared legally dead.

Grace and Frankie hold vibrator pop-up sales at a senior center và a college. Sol and Robert have a disagreement. Bud & Allison hit a roadblock.

Frankie reconnects with someone important from her past. Despite problems with her knee, Grace refuses to lớn slow down. Robert tries to make amends.

Frankie và Sol have a blast devising a plan lớn get Frankie declared legally alive again. Grace faces some truths at a funeral she attends with Robert.

Frankie convinces Allison to lớn have a trang chủ birth. Grace and Frankie wind up stuck with a bickering Robert và Sol when there's a neighborhood lockdown.

Nick helps Grace while she's recovering from surgery. Jacob gets upset with Frankie because she wants to lớn spend all their couple time with the baby.

Robert & Sol begin therapy. Grace & Frankie get a surprise when they bring gifts to a fan hâm mộ of their vibrators. Brianna's nemesis makes an offer.

Grace hires a contractor to lớn fix an issue at the beach house. Sol's new friendship makes Robert uncomfortable. Frankie gets lost with the baby.

As Grace and Frankie deal with a major disaster in their home, they each keep secrets from other family members. Everyone attends Robert's play.

Prompted by their children, Grace và Frankie make a change. Robert and Sol channel some fresh energy into their marriage.

After rebelling against their kids' wishes, Grace & Frankie contend with work issues, ageism, the men in their lives -- & each other.

Grace and Frankie visit the beach house while their worried kids try to lớn track them down. Robert và Sol are caught in an embarrassing situation.

Refusing khổng lồ leave the beach house, Grace và Frankie get support from their ex-husbands -- who are having their own issues with an unexpected visitor.

Bud convinces Frankie to lớn hire a home health aide. Grace fumes when she learns about Brianna’s changes lớn Say Grace. Robert hopes to influence Peter.

Grace và Brianna clash at work as Grace faces a tough day. With Joan-Margaret's help, Frankie fights ageism. Peter's casting decision shocks Robert.

An unexpected encounter sparks regret in Grace. Sol acts cagey about his new dog's origins. A stranger's ambush of Coyote leads to a revelation.

Frankie takes Grace on a girls trip, which isn't exactly the spa retreat Grace was expecting. Mallory goes on a date. An old friend rebuffs Frankie.

While Frankie worries she's lost her authenticity, Grace frets about Frankie's health. Bud's first meeting with Allison's father goes downhill fast.

Robert feels out of place with the younger guys at rehearsals. Grace doesn't like the new man in Frankie's life. Brianna must make a difficult choice.

When the Vybrant website goes down, Grace & Frankie must negotiate with a demanding man from Walden Villas. Sol becomes more assertive.

Grace takes extreme measures to keep up her hectic schedule. Sol and Frankie have a disagreement about Coyote. Frankie bonds with Robert over edibles.

While Frankie tries to dig herself out of the business mess she created, Grace comes up with a different solution. Brianna goes lớn bat for Barry.

Grace returns khổng lồ town to lớn find that Frankie has everything under control. Bud và Allison's wedding day arrives, but not without some family drama.

In the wake of their big fight, Grace và Frankie imagine what their lives would be lượt thích if they hadn't lived together for the last three years.

Grace's announcement sparks big changes in her friendship with Frankie, while a new business idea keeps the women on their toes.

Frankie is stunned by Grace's news, but she buries her feelings -- until everyone gathers together to lớn send off Bud và Allison.

While Frankie tries lớn adjust to living alone, Grace arranges a family dinner that takes an awkward turn. Robert và Sol plan a honeymoon trip.

Grace's insecurities flare at a lavish fundraiser, where Frankie gets swept up in a silent auction. Sol hosts a game night khổng lồ distract a worried Robert.

Robert và Sol grapple with a health scare, while Grace's bad knee sparks a new business idea. Coyote connects with Bud's ex-girlfriend.

Grace worries that Nick isn't satisfied with their sex life. Sol decides lớn keep his diagnosis a secret, và Coyote comes clean about Jessica.

Robert's fussing irritates Sol. Barry presses Brianna & Mallory to make up. Frankie's date with Jack inspires a kinh doanh strategy for the Rise Up.

Grace wants khổng lồ leverage Jack's celebrity connections ... Và Sol and Robert realize they've met him before. Bud tries khổng lồ prove he's over Jessica.

Grace và Frankie introduce Jack to Nick, hoping they can all go on vacation together. Meanwhile, Barry finally gets his short-rib double date.

Frankie's enjoying having two men in her life, but Grace warns her it won't end well. Allison & Sol encourage Bud lớn get a DNA test.

Grace's plan for a relaxing spa làm đẹp day backfires. Frankie tries khổng lồ find Joan-Margaret a husband. Robert hosts a fundraiser lớn save the community theater.

Grace and Frankie prepare for their pitch, but their prototype is missing. Robert keeps a secret from Sol. Brianna gets an appealing offer.

Grace's loyalties are tested as she và Frankie face the Sharks. Robert scrambles to lớn recoup the money he donated. Bud meets his long-lost cousin.

Grace tries to make amends lớn Frankie, Sol gives Robert a taste of his own medicine, và Brianna and Barry reach a turning point in their relationship.

Tensions run high at the beach house now that Grace, Frankie, Robert và Sol are all living there together — và driving each other bonkers.

With their exes living at the beach house và FBI agents who arrested Nick sniffing around, Grace and Frankie frantically search for the money they hid.

While Frankie retrieves the cash, Grace và Nick discuss their marriage at his arraignment. Joan-Margaret hatches a plan for laundering the money.

Bud tries to soothe discord at the beach house by throwing a brunch for the two families. But revelations from the past create even more hard feelings.

Nick has a chance to lớn get out of jail, but Grace likes things the way they are. An old acquaintance helps Frankie with the money laundering.

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