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10 Things You’ve Never Noticed From The Curious Case of Benjamin Button David Fincher"s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a modern movie classic. Here are 10 hidden details about the Brad Pitt film fans likely missed.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was one of the most anticipated movies upon its release in 2008. Even though it"s been well over a decade since it hit the screens, the film still remains one of David Fincher"s greatest masterpieces, snatching three Academy Awards and countless other wins and nominations.

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Arguably one of the most complex & intriguing films to lớn ever be made, the movie is full of tiny little nods and Easter eggs even the most avid fans might have missed. Comprised of such a stellar cast, phenomenal production, và a masterful soundtrack, it"s easy to lớn understand how some details may have gone unnoticed. With this in mind, let"s take a look at 10 things you"ve never noticed from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Some movies are made great because of its directors, other because of its storylines. When it comes to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, several factors came into place in order to lớn make it such a critically-acclaimed piece. But one that certainly deserves attention và praise is the cast.

Viewers surely knew Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett, but they weren"t the only stars in the cast. In fact, the movie includes two other Oscar winners aside from Pitt và Blanchett ⁠— Tilda Swinton and Mahershala Ali. Plus, one Oscar nominee thanks to lớn the movie itself, Taraji p. Henson.

Obviously, the main theme of the movie is time moving backwards for the title character, who was born looking lượt thích an old man, and whose appearance becomes younger and younger as time passes. Several nods and details were added khổng lồ the movie in order khổng lồ emphasize this very theme.

For instance, hummingbirds, who can fly backwards, & hurricanes, that spin counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, are some of the details regarding the backwards time theme that were included throughout the movie.

David Fincher was far from being an unknown director when the time came to lớn take on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Some of his best known và more acclaimed works include Se7en and Fight Club, which coincidentally featured Brad Pitt as the main actor.

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It"s not unheard of for directors to give subtle nods khổng lồ their previous work in recent movies. & that"s exactly what happened with Fincher, who decided to lớn include a reference to Fight Club when Benjamin"s dad asks about "the house on Paper Street," which was the mansion where Tyler Durden lived in.

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7 Years In The Making

When a movie reaches theaters, audiences don"t pay much thought to lớn all the work that had khổng lồ be put into it before it even comes khổng lồ fruition. In reality, many ideas and projects remain under development for years before they finally see the light of day, which is exactly what happened with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The movie began development all the way back in 1994, & many stars were set lớn be involved. For instance, in 1998, Ron Howard was supposed khổng lồ direct, and John Travolta was supposed to lớn play the main character. Eventually, these titles shifted to lớn Fincher and Pitt.

Many people might not realize this, but The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is based upon a short story by famous American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald penned many of the greatest novels in American history, including The Great Gatsby and The Beautiful và Damned.

As such, it would make sense that at least one reference or nod was made to lớn the beloved author somewhere in the movie. This reference can be found when Benjamin is reading a novel, and a picture of the author"s short story "Winter Dreams" is clearly visible. We see you, Scott, we see you!

5 "Kismet"

The love story between Daisy and Benjamin is perhaps one of the most complex, tragic, & beautiful khổng lồ ever be portrayed on screen. It"s hard khổng lồ imagine being in their shoes and loving someone who will never be able to walk the path of life at the same rhythm as you. Many subtle references to lớn this are made throughout the movie.

Perhaps the most interesting one is when Daisy meets Benjamin for the second time & talks to lớn him about "kismet." This might seem confusing, but "kismet" is actually an English word of Turkish origin that means "predestined fate."

It"s always good to know where the inspiration for a certain piece of art came from. Was it a random stranger on the street? An impactful life event? Or another piece of art in itself? Obviously, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is inspired by Fitzgerald"s story of the same name. But where exactly did he draw inspiration from?

Well, according khổng lồ the tác giả himself, the idea to write the short story originated from a quote by none other than Mark Twain himself. And it goes lượt thích this: "It is a pity that the best part of life comes at the beginning, và the worst part at the end."

3 Daisy?

Overall, the movie starring Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett stays pretty true to lớn the original source material. Everybody knows that it can be quite complicated to lớn translate a written piece onto the screen, but the team behind The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did a pretty great job overall.

The biggest change comes in the form of Blanchett"s character, Daisy, who"s called Hildegarde Moncrief in the story. The name change is probably another nod to Fitzgerald và his novel The Great Gatsby, which features Daisy as the lead female character. Plus, Daisy just sounds a lot better than Hildegarde, so win-win situation for everyone!

We always love some well-thought-out puns when it comes to movies & television. & especially in a movie as tragic and dramatic as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, some comedic relief is welcome with xuất hiện arms ⁠— even if you really have khổng lồ look to lớn see it.

In this case, it"s all about Benjamin"s sailboat. Now, naming boats is always a fun activity. But while most owners settle for designations reminiscent of the sea và adventure, the title character is slightly smarter than that. Care to guess? Benjamin Button"s sailboat is called "Button Up."

1 The Curious Case Of Makeup

Even though we live in the 21st century and CGI has become the norm, sometimes relying on makeup is cheaper and ultimately results in a much more realistic look. For The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, both Pitt and Blanchett had to suffer the consequences of ageing makeup application.

Brad Pitt said it took around five hours every day just lớn get everything done, và Blanchett four hours. She could only lay in the hospital bed for short periods of time because the lights almost melted everything off. A big price to pay for a unique cinematic masterpiece.

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