FalloutMaѕkSkinGta SaSkinAdd-OnSkinAdd-OnSkinAdd-OnI 3D modelled thiѕ mуѕelf and it ᴡaѕ made from ѕᴄratᴄh and thiѕ took me a month Hi eᴠerуone, todaу im bringing уou all a neᴡ mod ᴡhiᴄh i haᴠing ᴡorking on for like a month хD Thiѕ iѕ the Lara Croft mod" /> FalloutMaѕkSkinGta SaSkinAdd-OnSkinAdd-OnSkinAdd-OnI 3D modelled thiѕ mуѕelf and it ᴡaѕ made from ѕᴄratᴄh and thiѕ took me a month Hi eᴠerуone, todaу im bringing уou all a neᴡ mod ᴡhiᴄh i haᴠing ᴡorking on for like a month хD Thiѕ iѕ the Lara Croft mod" />

Hướng dẫn rise of the tomb raider v1

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SkinGta Sa

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I 3d modelled this myself & it was made from scratch and this took me a month Hi everyone, today im bringing you all a new thủ thuật which i haraovatmaytinh.netng working on for lượt thích a month xD This is the Lara Croft mod. I made the Rise of The Tomb Raider verison because its newer, I made the model and textures for this mod lượt thích most of my mods. Features: - Full Facial animations - Hair physics (moves in wind)- 4K face textures- Ped model- Normal maps và specular maps- Hand drawn textures Changelog v1.1 - Fixed Installation- Added easier option for installationv2.0 - Updated Face và fix bugs- Redone the face textures & normals- Added eyelashes- Added blood for the face (can be enable by the texture)v2.1 - added temp fix for facev3.0 - Updated face a lot to look more like Lara!- Updated textures & redone UV"s for the model- Edited hair with new normals and texturesv4.0 - Added Classic Tomb Raider- Fixed arm- Made new weapon holster- Fixed hair a bitv5.0 - Added 10 new outfits: Angel of Darkness Angle of Darkness (Blue) Croft manor outfit Grey Henley xanh Henley Tank đứng đầu with Bow Tomb Raider III Outfit 1 (Blue tank top) Tomb Raider III Outfit 2 (Camo Cargo Trousers) Tomb Raider III Outfit 3 (Green Shorts) Tomb Raider Underworld outfit - Redone all rigging making it smoother (its not perfect)- Updated face textures & normals- Redone hair completely- Fixed various bugs :)v5.1 - Fixed AddOn/Standard method .ymt & .yft Also I have also been 3 chiều modelling for a year and it has been an amazing journey thanks khổng lồ you guys :D I going to be making many more mods of all of you in the future! Installation: Easy (Standard - Uses ingame mã sản phẩm name "mp_f_misty_01") FIRST RENAME THE .ymt and .yft in the standand installation folder to "mp_f_misty_01" so you will kết thúc up with mp_f_misty_01 folder, mp_f_misty_01.ymt, mp_f_misty_01.yft! Using OpenIV go khổng lồ this directory (Grand Theft tự động Vx64v.rpfmodelscdimagesstreamedpeds_mp.rpf)Then delete the contents of mp_f_misty_01 (ones already in game)Then drag and drop the contents of mp_f_misty_011 (the one that came with the mod) into the thư mục you just deleted the files fromThen in the streamedpeds_mp.rpf drag và teh .ymt file and the .yft fileDone! Harder (Addon - Uses ingame model name "player_lara") (Watch đoạn clip for Faith Connors raovatmaytinh.netdeo tutorial ;) )Using file explorer got khổng lồ you GTA V root directory (one with GTAV.exe)Then DRAG và DROP the "MODS" folder into that directory.After you have done that going into you "update" thư mục (Grand Theft auto Vupdate), then COPY the "update.rpf"Once you have copyed "update.rpf" go khổng lồ you "Grand Theft tự động Vmodsupdate" then paste the "update.rpf" in that folderThen using OPENIV go into the "modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata" then enable EDIT MODE then DRAG & DROP the "dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml" into the location.Done! AddOn by Meth0d Special Thanks to lớn Sandra Linson for this! 1. First of all be sure lớn have the latest scripthookv,NativeUI and ScriptHookVDotNet!! 2. Be sure to tải về the latest addonped dlc và latest PedSelector.dll 3.Before you start to add the addon on peds.rpf file on dlc thư mục make a file called peds_rpf_list.ini and open it with notepad!4.To showroom the rottrlara ped!! You must type these on peds_rpf_list.ini # AddonPeds.ASI & Ped Selector - Peds danh sách # In this file you must địa chỉ the exactly name of the PEDs that you imported lớn peds.rpf file. # Eg: If you imported superman.ydd, superman.yft, superman.ydr, superman.ymt -> you MUST địa chỉ cửa hàng a line with the name superman, this name will identify the addon ped. # Ped Name = pedmodelname (same name of peds.rpf)rottrlara = rottrlara và save the file!! 6. Using openiv địa chỉ cửa hàng the 2 files rottrlara.ymt & rottrlara.yft on peds.rpf thư mục 7. Make a new thư mục called it rottrlara8. The add all the contents of teh rottrlara that comes with the mod9 mở cửa AddonPedsEditor.exe & select the địa chỉ ped option 10. On ped name và ped mã sản phẩm name write rottrlara 11. On ped type select stream 12. Select the Rebuild option to lớn save it kết thúc exit!! That"s it!! Now mở cửa the game and search the rottrlara title on ped selector thực đơn or simply use a trainerv and using the spawn ped by model name type rottrlara How khổng lồ use: Once ingame using và trainer i.e. Menyoo change your model to "player_lara"(addon or "mp_f_misty_01"(Standard) Credits:Models/texture by TheFriedturkey (Me)Addon method by TheNGclan

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