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How to Say I Love You in Thai?

The quick answer is: chan rak ter or ฉันรักเธอ, but I’d recommend reading further because in context-light language like Thai, choosing the right words và sentences depends on who is talking as well as who you are talking to.

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You can click on the blue words và phrases to lớn hear the audio of the bầu word or sentence.

Whether you are studying bầu or just have a significant other that you are trying lớn impress, you may be interested in learning how khổng lồ say I love you in Thai. Even if you don’t go very deep into bầu language, learning short phrases like this can really win you some bonus points with your partner.

Aside from just knowing how lớn use và pronounce these bầu phrases correctly, you’ll also hear many of them in bầu songs, bầu soaps and Thai movies.

In addition lớn learning the different bầu phrases for “I love you,” we’ll also introduce some of the more common expressions and useful sentences that use the word “love” which is “rak” or รัก in bầu language.

Words for ‘I Love You’ in Thai



The most common expression you’ll probably encounter for “I love you” in bầu across all forms of truyền thông media is ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak ter). ฉัน (chan) is generally used as the primary female pronoun, but guys use it in love songs & sometimes on thai tv and movies. I don’t recommend using this in real life, however if you are male as it can sound a little silly. You can either drop the pronoun entirely, or use one of the other choices below.

One thing you will notice pretty quickly in thai is that the pronouns (like ‘I’ & ‘you’) is often dropped.

When in doubt, just pay attention to lớn how bầu people talk khổng lồ each other (in real life as opposed to lớn on tv) và copy what they do. It may take a while sometimes before you can find the answer, but it’s worth the effort.

ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak ter) – I love you.

ฉันchanI (primarily used by females)
เธอteryou (intimate); she

Basic Phrases for “I Love You” in Thai

Choosing the best phrase isn’t always easy. You’ll probably come across these phrases in textbooks, phrasebooks and other website sites. I don’t really recommend using them, but they won’t vị you any harm.

ผมรักคุณphom rak khunI love you. (male speaker)
ฉันรักคุณchan rak khunI love you. (female speaker)

Thai Sentence Pattern: A รัก B

Here’s the basic sentence pattern saying ‘I love you’ in Thai.

As a learner of the language, you are expected to make mistakes so don’t worry about it too much. It’s a pretty soft minefield so you won’t thua kém any limbs. Just keep in mind that the more familiar/intimate/close you are with a person, the more freedom you’ll have to lớn use the informal expressions.

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In Thai, it’s very common to drop pronouns when it’s obvious who the target is. We’ll look at this more in the next section.

Informal ‘I Love You’ in Thai

Since declaring your love for someone tends lớn be a pretty informal situation lớn begin with, I’d really recommend becoming familiar with the more informal bầu love phrases you can use with your partner. You can almost always drop one or both pronouns if it’s clear who is saying what to lớn who. You can also vì chưng this if you just aren’t sure which pronoun to use.

รักเธอนะ (rak ter na) (pee rak ter)

Which thai pronoun lớn use?

Are you male?Are you female?

How khổng lồ Refer lớn Your Partner in Thai

ผัวpoo-ahhusband (often used even if not married)
เมียmiawife (often used even if not married)


Bonus bầu Love Phrases

รักผมรึยังrak phom rue yangDo you love me yet? (male speaker)
รักฉันรึยังrak chan rue yangDo you love me yet? (female speaker)
รักไม่เป็นrak mai ppenI don’t know how lớn love.
ตกหลุมรักtok lum rakFall in love (fall-hole-love)
แสดงความรักsa-dang kwaam rakto show or express love

Noun vs Verbs in Thai

The word รัก (rak) that we looked at above is going to act as a verb in most cases. In order to khung the noun version of “love” in Thai, you just địa chỉ cửa hàng the word ความ (kwaam) in front of รัก (rak). You’ll use the noun khung in sentences where you are talking about the concept or idea of love.

รัก – (rak) to love (verb)Jane (Jane rak sat) – Janes loves animals.ความรัก (kwaam rak) – love (noun)

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to lớn say “I love you” in Thai & this danh sách is not exhaustive, but hopefully we’ve given you enough khổng lồ get started with. Remember, that part of learning a language (or any skill!) involves making mistakes và embracing this early on will make the journey go much smoother.

Want to lớn Learn khổng lồ Read Thai?

Perhaps, the most important part of learning thai is mastering the script, sounds & tone rules. It’s very difficult to lớn learn the correct pronunciation using any type of English transliteration & the sooner you get away from it, the faster your bầu will improve.

Try a couple free lessons from my thai foundation course which teaches everything you need lớn know about the script, sound system và tone rules of Thai.

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